LHC not satisfies with Punjab govt counter-smog measures


Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court on Thursday expressed concern over increased level of smog in city and directed the government to consider closing the provincial metropolis schools from December 20.

Judge directed a law officer to take up the matter with the government to consider commencing winter vacations earlier.

Judge was hearing petitions regarding environmental issues.

An official of the Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) informed that higher consumption of grilled fish and BBQ with the arrival of cold weather was one of the reasons for causing pollution and smog. He requested that the markets and restaurants should be ordered to be closed early.


Juddge turned down this suggestion to close the BBQ eateries early and asked the authority to find some other solution.

Judge also directed the relevant authorities to continue action against violators of traffic rules and to seal brick kilns for not depositing fine as ordered by a judicial commission.

Petitioners’ counsel Azhar Siddique and Sheraz Zaka submitted that climate change had become a great threat to human life and if not dealt with revolutionary actions the future generations would face disastrous consequences. The counsel submitted that had there been effectiveness of the local government institutions the issue of smog and air pollution would have been dealt with efficaciously.


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