PFA discards 502 kg tainted honey


The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has discarded 502 kg fake honey and unwholesome food during the crackdown against fake honey producing units in the provincial metropolis.

On Wednesday, the food safety team closed down a fake honey manufacturing units in Landa Bazar area and discarded 502 kg of adulterated honey and raw material. Further, PFA has seized substandard sugar, glucose, rose petals, hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders, packing material and empty bottles during the raid.

PFA Director General Rafaqat Ali Nissoana said that the purpose of the crackdown was ensuring the provision of quality and adulteration-free honey in the market because the demand for honey has increased due to the start of the winter season.

He said that PFA took action against the unit for producing adulterated honey with harmful chemicals, sugar syrup, non-food graded colours and other prohibited ingredients.


The provincial food regulatory body is taking strict and indiscriminate actions against adulterators and counterfeiters by following the directions of CM Punjab, he added.

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