Longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years tomorrow

If you happen to gaze at the night sky between Thursday and Friday, you might be able to view the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years. 0 seconds of 0 secondsVolume 0%

Lunar eclipses happens when Earth comes between the sun and the moon and its shadow is cast on the moon.

However, in partial lunar eclipses, the moon is not completely covered in Earth’s shadow. Partial eclipses occur more frequently than total lunar eclipses. 

According NASA, this partial eclipse will last for over 3 hours and 28 minutes. In comparison, the longest total eclipse of the century, which happened in 2018, lasted nearly an hour and 43 minutes. 

Where to watch it? 

Where to see the partial lunar eclipse
Darker areas indicate the regions where partial lunar eclipse will be most visible. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Unfortunately, the eclipse won’t be visible to sky gazers in Pakistan. 

It will be most clearly visible to people watching the sky in the Americas, Australia, Eastern Asia and the Pacific region.   

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