Petrol prices likely to crash in Pakistan; court seeks answer from PTI govt


A division bench of Lahore High Court sought details from the federal government on how the prices of petroleum products were fixed globally and locally.

Bench also summoned the attorney general of Pakistan for assistance.

Petitioner lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique challenging the increase in prices of petroleum products without any justification. He submitted that this increase amounted to burden the people without any justification.

He had alleged that OGRA with the connivance of finance ministry, FBR and other official was continuously exploiting public financially. He asserted that there was no mechanism to fix the prices of petroleum products as sometimes the federal government sets the price and sometimes OGRA.

He submitted that 17% sales tax was being levied on petroleum products but imposition of sales tax on consumer goods was against the letter and spirit of the Constitution.


He said that the government was exploiting within the terms of Article 3 of the Constitution and the federal government failed to protect the fundamental rights of citizens.

He requested to strike down a levy of 17 per cent sales tax on sales tax on petroleum products. He also requested to declare the recent increase in the petroleum prices illegal and suspend the notification.

Opposition reaction:

Opposition leaders and members of the general public on Friday tore apart the government’s economic policies while labelling the latest hike in prices of petroleum products as “cruel” and “anti-poor”.


The government Thursday night issued a notification confirming the heavy increase in the prices of petroleum products.

Opposition the Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz maintained that the Opposition should frame a legal strategy to get rid of this government as the “inflation tsunami” had become unbearable.

“Every new day brings more miseries for the public. Imran Khan has taken many a notice but the people will take notice,” he said and added it was responsibility of all the political parties to find a solution to oust this government.

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