Negotiations with TLP ‘successful’; marchers to remain on roads & Saad Rizvi’s future in limbo

Ambulance, patients, students, commuters faced havoc as traffic mess prevailed all over in twin cities and in Punjab's metropolis Lahore.


Banned outfit Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan protesters are in Muridke, however, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that a deal has been made with the banned outfit and govenment taking all steps ilcuding releasing of TLP cheif Saad Rizvi, releasing of TLP detainees and unbanning measures to end the crisi. Marshers wasnted to reach Faizabad interchange, however, police and Rangers have blocked all main roads and arteries in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to counter untoward incidents and foil the attemp. The battleground is now the Grand Trunk (GT road) where police and Rangers have blocked the Jehlum bridge and placed multiple hurdles inlcuding contaiers to foil the TLP supporters attemp to reach capital.

Traffic mess

Students, lawyers, officer goers, and others faced sheer problems in reaching their destinations and moving back to their homes in cities nearby the GT Road.

Pertinent to note that law graduates have been attempting their papers under the auspicious of Punjab University and its hundreds of affiliated law colleges in the metropolis Lahore and students’ examinations centers have sprawled all over the city.  Several students faced problems reaching their examination centers and on condition of anonymity, the students urged Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to take notice of the situation and ensure smooth traffic in the rest of the city.

Container cities  


Several media reports have suggested that police in Punjab and ICT Police have taken full security measures to fail any plan of TLP supporters to reach Faizabad—an interchange where Punjab and Islamabad borders meet—and placed containers all over the places.

Aran News Reporter Aamir Saeed tweeted a picture of containers that have been placed to block the entry of TLP supporters and workers who vowed to reach Faizabad by 5 pm.

He tweeted,” Ambulances, patients, and commuters are struggling to find their way through the mess.”

Media blackout


Pakistan electronic media have over 100 channels but there is a media blackout of TLP Long March news. Experts suggest that the media blackout has been placed to maintain law and order and to fail the miscreant’s possible plan to create unrest.

Social Media and TLP Protest

Last but not the least, social media networking platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok—are fully active where common Pakistanis can get the latest information about the TLP protest.

Interior Minister flies to Dubai  

Amid a shocking development, experts questioned the timing of the Interior Minister to visit Dubai to see the Pak-India T20 match.

Cameraman tortured over coverage

As per the latest videos making rounds on Twitter, a cameraman of a private TV channel in Islamabad has been allegedly tortured over making footage of police arresting people. The critics said that ICT police arrested common passengers in the name of TLP supporters. Tribune wired could not verify the claim independently.

Metro Bus suspended

Lahore and Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro bus services has been suspended or curtailed amid the TLP protest. Earlier this week, allegedly TLP supporters vandalized a metro bus station in Lahore. The allegation was not independently verified.

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