PU School of Communication Studies gets new radio related gadgets


In the era of Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) where the battle of perception and information are considered important tools of communication, Media Foundation 360 provided Generator OES power P6000E, WebCam A4Tech Pk635G, Head Phone A4 Tech HS28 and 20 Peavy Speakers and Radios for the promotion of peace and harmony to the School of Communication Studies (SCS), Punjab University.

At the department, President Media Foundation 360 Mubasher Bukhari, Program Manager Media Foundation 360 Hasnain Tirmzi, Reporting Officer Media Foundation 360 Mariyam Ali, handed over to Dr. Sawera Shami the Chairperson Digital Media, Incharage Radio PU FM104.6.

Dr. Akram Soomro, Program Producer PU FM104.6 and Masood Malhi were also present on the occasion.

The Chairperson of the Digital Media Dr. Sawera Shami appreciated Media Foundation 360 and said young generations lead the countries, the students of PU will promote interfaith harmony, peace through FM Radio. According to her, students of PU are well aware of their responsibilities, and they know what is happening around the world. Our students know their role in how to work for peacebuilding within the university.

Mubasher Bukhari said, in the age of modern technology, the role of media especially FM radio is essential.  Bukhari said we should encourage the sane voices that promote peace and harmony in the country. By using this facility, we can portray a peaceful image of Pakistan. There is no space for hatred and hate mongers in PU. All people in the metropolitan city of Punjab province can tune in properly to listen to programs on FM 14.6.


On the occasion, he shared that FM broadcast has taken lead in the period of transformation and technology. Tens of thousands can reach through cellular mobile phone to FM Radio 104.6 to listen to programs on cultural activities, useful lectures on peace, debates on different issues related to peace said, Bukhari.

He further shared, “information is power and can impact on public discourse. Perception could be managed by media persons. A debate on social justice and harmony on FM Radio can make Pakistan a strong country.
“FM Radio 104.6 can be used to promote patriotism, interfaith harmony, regional cooperation, friendship, etc. said Program Manager Media Foundation 360 Hasnain Tirmzi.

The right to information and the representation of different opinions in a heterogeneous society is essential for societies trying to make a transition towards peace and democracy, he concluded.

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