LHC notices Punjab health secy on anti-dengue measures


Justice Ali Baqar Najafi of Lahore High Court on Friday issued notices to the secretary health to inquire as to what steps so far had been taken to control dengue virus and how police could exercise the jurisdictional powers of health inspectors under the dengue virus regulations of 2016.

Judge also sought replies from the Punjab government concerned departments till November 4 on a petition of a trader challenging the raids and FIRs being lodged under the dengue virus regulations.

 Petitioner counsel Sheraz Zaka said that the provincial government to control dengue had promulgated the dengue virus regulations of 2016. He submitted that under this regulation,  it was the health inspector which was supposed to issue notices and recommendations to be adopted by the owner or occupier of a property before initiating criminal prosecution.

He pleaded that the government failed to appoint health inspectors and had shown negligence in preventing the contagious effects of dengue. He alleged that police abused its powers by lodging FIRs and conducting illegal raids and seeking illegal gratification from citizens under the garb of controlling dengue.

He submitted that the dengue threat and police raid had made the lives of citizens miserable. He requested that the government should be directed to implement the dengue virus regulations of 2016 in letter and spirit.


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