Court directs Punjab govt to launch operation against industrial units for pollution

Justice Shahid Karim of Lahore High Court on Friday directed the Punjab government to launch operations against the industrial units involved in emitting greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous pollutants.

Judge observed that the court was doing its best to curb smog over the past two years but the problem lies in the execution of state policies.

Judge directing the government to submit compliance reports within a week.

He had said that every year the coming winter brings the menace of smog, which makes the citizens’ lives miserable. He submitted that climate change was the biggest threat to the country as Pakistan was the fifth most vulnerable country regarding climate change.

He pointed out that the government concerned departments failed to control smog. He said that with the coming smog these departments start on lip service and so far no concrete measures had been taken.

He sought action against the government for failing to curb smog.   


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