Workers, employers must find solution to resolve labour issues via bilateralism: Consultation


Workers Employers Bilateral Council of Pakistan (WEBCOP) Chairman Zaki Ahmed Khan said that positive bilateral dialogue between workers and employers was important to harmonise industrial relations for the growth of the industry. He said bilateralism and a better working relationship between workers and employers was the only solution to the challenges posed to the industry and particularly to industrial workers in the wake Covid pandemic.

He was addressing a consultative meeting on conventions 87 and 98 at a local hotel on Friday.

Pertinent to note that Zaki Ahmed Khan, is a graduate in law and is currently associated with EPLA Laboratories Ltd., as its Director HR, IR, Administration and Legal Affairs. He has more than 33 years of professional experience in Industrial relations, Legal Affairs & Administration in various reputed multinational and national companies. He has served on the committees of different associations. He has been a member of the Managing Committee of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) since 2007 and had also been the Vice President of EFP in the preceding term.

Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin said it was a fact that we lack compliance culture and workers are not getting the rights guaranteed under the labour laws and it is also reality that the industry is passing through difficult time and struggling to survive due to the severe impact of Covid pandemic. We understand that the growth of local industry jn Pakistan is important for employment generation and sustainable growth, and workers are ready work with employers to solve the issues of industry.

Ahsan Ullah khan, Founding chairman WEBCOP, in his opening remarks said the idea of WEBCOP was presented by enlightened and forward-looking employers and labour leaders from national representative organisations of workers and employers in 90s and after years of dialogue transformed into reality as unique bilateral forum in the world in July 2000 when all national labour federations and employers signed an MOU and committed themselves to make concerted efforts to meet the challenges posed by globalization, rapid technological advancement and ‘TO regime implications posed to national economy in general and industry in particular.

Zahoor Awan, Workers’ representative in ILO governing body said the purpose of establishing WEBCOP was to promote positive bilateral dialogue to better understand each other viewpoints on different labour issues and join hand for better industrial relations at the enterprise level.

He added the WEBCOP has been very successful in creating an environment of trust and harmony and was able to develop consensus recommendations and policies on labour legislations.

Chaudhry Muhammad Naseem, President Pakistan Workers’ Federation, said the success of the WEBCOP lies in the unity and togetherness between worker and employers. and together we would be in a better position to resolve the issues of the industry and the workers in the larges interest of Pakistan.


Syed Nazar Ali, Secretary-General WEBCOP Central, announced the revamping and newly formed central and provincial chapters of WEBCOP.

Tahir Javed Malik, Asif Zuberi, Dr. Yousuf Sarwar, Chaudhry Muhammad Yaqoob and Asad Memom chairmen and Secretary-General of provincial chapters of WEBCOP also addressed the consultation.

The workers and employers’ representatives resolved that they would work together to support the industrialization in the country and ensuring rights of workers for industrialized and prosperous Pakistan.

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