Accomplishment of 100 PhD scholars degrees in multiple disciplines: UMT


UMT offers a Ph.D. in Education, Applied Linguistics (English), Literature, Management, Statistics, Clinical Psychology, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Islamic Thought and Civilization, Food Technology, Islamic Banking and Finance, International Relations, Media and Communication, and Architecture where participants are prepared for conducting scholarly research to transform into a dynamic and vibrant leader in the field of education and management.

A collegial environment, professional support, and a sustained emphasis on scholar’s professional development for the world of academia, and business make students pursue doctoral studies at UMT which is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. UMT is eagerly breaking new scholarly ground by pursuing emerging issues of teaching-learning endeavors, innovative technologists, and management practices by applying cutting-edge research tools and methods.

This pursuit of knowledge is the backbone of all breakthroughs that change the way UMT thinks, acts and lives in various domains. The graduate faculty at UMT comprises a group of internationally recognized and highly dedicated professionals who are engaged in life long quest for knowledge.

UMT feels proud to announce that 100 Doctoral students have completed their degree requirements in multiple disciplines. The Ph.D. work of these scholars has been recognized both at the National as well as International levels by the local as well as foreign experts.

Doctoral Graduates have presented their research work in Conferences organized by Universities throughout the world. Novel Research work by the Ph.D. Graduates were published in high-impact factor journals as recognized by HEC and other ranking agencies of the world.


This achievement is a tribute to our founder, Shaheed Prof Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad whose visionary mentorship and love for knowledge empowered UMT to showcase talent and grow to the best of its abilities. This magnificent achievement would not have been gained without the visionary leadership of Mr. Ibrahim Hasan Murad and through his exceptional support to academia.


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