Shazia Marri addresses 1st global parliamentary moot on counter-terrorism


(Tribunewired report)

MNA Shazia Marri said that the fight against terrorism had seen important successes but serious concerns remained about the rising extremist tendencies and the violent terrorist attacks across the world. She also said that the Parliamentarians, as the representatives of the people, had an important role to play in preventing the menace of terrorism, and violent extremism.

She further said that effective counter-terrorism strategies were needed to eradicate the conditions that drive individuals to join these violent organizations. She added that terrorism and extremism had multi-pronged drivers, which required collective and comprehensive strategies at the national, regional, and international levels to address the root causes of terrorism.

MNA Shazi Marri said that prevalent inequalities, historical injustices, religious intolerance, hate crimes, and the denial of a legitimate right to self-determination, were some of the major root causes of radicalization, fueling chaos and disorder around the world. She stressed that, however, the struggle for right to self-determination should not be equated with terrorism.

MNA Shazi Marri said that Pakistan had always fought on the frontline in the fight against terrorism and had contributed in all ways to bring lasting peace to the region and the world at large. She added that Pakistan’s success and sacrifices in countering terrorism, both in terms of human and economic capital, were unparalleled and unmatched. We had paid a huge price in terms of the loss of more than 80,000 precious lives of our citizens and security personnel. Not just this, it had cost our economy a total of US $150 billion.

MNA Shazi Marri expressed her concerns on the rising intolerance, discrimination, hate speech, and racism across the world. She said that Pakistan had always emphasized respect for all religious beliefs and sacred personalities. Any ridicule, insult, or defamation of religious personalities should be discouraged and penalized.


MNA Shazi Marri also called on the parliamentarians to play a crucial role by enhancing the public awareness and understanding of measures taken by governments and online service providers to eliminate terrorists and extremist content online, without delay. In this process, Parliaments must also oversee that fundamental and human rights of individuals are safeguarded.

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