Allama Shehanshah Naqvi arrested from Islamabad

There are media reports that Allama Shehanshah Naqvi has been arrested from the capital Islamabad.

Syed Shehanshah Naqvi received his Islamic education from Qom, Iran. Syed Shehanshah Naqvi has said that the message of Hussainiyat the path of Hussain Ibne Ali is the headspring of freedom, independence, and peace. He supports the liberty of Kashmir and Palestine and says that international organizations must play their role in stopping atrocities in Kashmir, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Qateef, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Rohingya. He believes no oppression can succeed against the spirit of Karbala, and that the oppressed will always be victorious.

Syed Shehanshah Naqvi addresses many majalis every year in Pakistan. During the first ashra (10 days) of Muharram he addresses different majalis in Karachi. The prominent majalis of 1st ashra of Muharram in Karachi are Nishtar Park, Masjid e Babul Ilm, Imam Bargah Baqiyat Ullah, Aza Khana Zehra (s.a), Ali Muttaqi Jafri House and Masjid e Imam E Zamana A.S Jamshoro.

Allama Shehanshah Naqvi made no public statement on these media reports and his social media platforms that usually post every other day are also quite on the development.

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