National Command Authority expresses concern over ‘destabilising’ arms build-up in the region


The National Command Authority (NCA) on Wednesday noted with concern the “destabilising massive arms build-up” in the region, affirming that Pakistan would take all measures to ensure strategic stability in its neighbourhood without entering into an arms race.

The 25th Meeting of the National Command Authority (NCA) was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan at Headquarters Strategic Plans Division.

All members of the NCA including Federal Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Finance and Interior; Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee; Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force; and Director General Inter-Services Intelligence attended the meeting.

National Command Authority expressed full confidence in the command and control systems as well as security measures in place to ensure the comprehensive security of strategic assets of Pakistan.

NCA re-affirmed that Pakistan as a responsible nuclear state would continue to contribute meaningfully towards the global efforts to improve nuclear security and nuclear non-proliferation measures.

A detailed briefing was given to National Command Authority on evolving conflict dynamics in the region. NCA noted with concern the destabilizing massive arms build-up in the conventional and strategic domains.


The NCA viewed these developments as detrimental to peace and security and asserted that Pakistan will take all measures to ensure strategic stability in the region without entering into an arms race.

National Command Authority reiterated maintaining Full Spectrum Deterrence in line with the policy of Credible Minimum Deterrence and expressed satisfaction with the development of strategic capabilities.

The National Command Authorityappreciated high standards of training and operational readiness of the strategic forces, and appreciated the scientists and engineers whose dedicated contributions have enabled Pakistan to successfully pursue the desired objectives.


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