Heart-broken husband tries to commit suicide in LHC


A man on Thursday tried to commit suicide by jumping from the first floor of the district courts after his wife refused to go with him and opted for her family instead.

A recently love married local resident Abdul Rehman on Thursday tried to commit suicide as his heartthrob wife declined to accompany him and opted to live with her parents. 

The parents of Saba did not give nod to the marriage and had taken her back home and challenged the validity of the marriage before the court.

A judicial magistrate summoned the couple, Saba in her statement said she wanted to go with her family.

Abdul Rehman could bear it and started hitting his head with the wall of the courtroom, 


Abdul Rehman ran towards the balcony and almost jumped from the first floor. The people present grabbed him from his hand and saved him. 

Abdul Rehman claimed that he loved his wife so much, he could not want to live and would prefer to give his life. 



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