Speakers for quality education in Punjab’s schools

Zia ur Rehman, founder and chief executive officer Awaz Foundation Pakistan demanded while addressing online Provincial Advocacy Forum to discuss opportunities ,commitments and challenges that  Provincial budget should need to be increased in this critical period of COVID and to promote innovative and digitalized solutions for education.

Government`s PMIS should be updated and track the situation of out of school children, dropout, teachers training, special initiatives and finances tracking against them. Notify the Punjab free and compulsory education ACT 2014 and to prepare its rules of business to ensure enforcement of right to education law and safeguard the constitutional guarantee of free and quality education from 5-16 years of children, he said Punjab government needs to increase enrollment rates significantly, particularly in secondary education.

This will also require building more schools, particularly in rural areas, and improving school infra-structure, such as the availability of bathrooms, electricity, drinking water, and the existence of boundary wall especially in southern Punjab where rate of out of school children is much high. 

National education champion Maryum Amjad Khan shared that in Punjab, girls under 18 years of age are not able to attend schools. They are deprived of their basic right of education. Hurdles in the way to education for girls are still there. Normally, Punjab government spends 2.6 % of GDP on education while in this period of COVID-19, Punjab government has spent 1.5 % of GDP for this purpose. So, we are going towards decline because our 1 million children have left school more than 50% are girls.

Maryam Amjad Khan appreciated Punjab government for increasing 10% budget for school education. 

Qaiser Rasheed Additional secretary Budget and planning school education department Punbjab said that We have been running an admission drive in Punjab we engaged community via school councils all admission are based on Form-B.for brick line and street children there is non formal basic education system .Insaf afternoon school system is introduced to get back out of school children in schools. Punjab government allocated 6.5 billion rupees for insaf afternoon schools. Member Punjab assembly Mrs Ayesha Iqbal, representatives of Government departments, CSOs, NGOs, and media participated in the forum. 

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