Taliban make history with hands-on trigger enter Kabul as Ashraf Ghani runs away


Afghan Taliban Shurah has issued an order asking fighter to enter the capital Kabul to prevent the looting as Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani fled away after negotiations broke.

The statement issued by the Taliban Spokesperson reads, “The Islamic Emirate issued a statement in the morning stating that our forces are out of Kabul and we do not want to enter Kabul by military means.”

“But now there are reports that districts in Kabul have been evacuated, police have left their job of providing security, ministries have been evacuated, and security personnel from the Kabul administration have fled. So that God forbid the common thieves and robbers in Kabul do not mix, the abusers do not harm the people, the Islamic Emirate ordered its forces to enter the areas of Kabul from which the enemy went and areas There is a risk of theft and robbery,” Taliban Spokesperson Zabehulah Mujahid said.

The statement further reads, “Therefore, the citizens of Kabul should not feel any fear from the Mujahideen, our forces will enter Kabul city very easily, they will not work with anyone, government military and civilian users should make sure that no one uses them, no Mujahideen You are not allowed to enter someone’s home, or to harass or annoy anyone.”

Taliban fighters surrounded Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Sunday as the world waited to see what negotiations around a transfer of power would result in.

The armed group seized nearly all of Afghanistan in just over a week, sending thousands of internally displaced people fleeing the fighting to Kabul, seeking safety.

Turkey’s president said his country will work for stability in Afghanistan along with Pakistan, in order to stem a growing migration wave amid the Taliban’s countrywide offensive.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Afghans were increasingly attempting to migrate to Turkey via Iran, urging an international effort to bring stability to the country and prevent mass migration.

Erdogan was speaking at a naval ceremony with Pakistan’s president. He said Pakistan had a “vital task” to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, where clashes have intensified. Turkish-Pakistani cooperation would be needed for this, and Turkey would use all possibilities to do so, Erdogan added.

Iran said it has prepared accommodation in three provinces bordering Afghanistan to provide temporary refuge to Afghans fleeing the conflict in their country.

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