PU, Media Foundation 360 organize Peace and harmony training


Punjab University School of Communication Studies (SCS) arranged a training workshop on peace and harmony in collaboration with Media Foundation 360.

Shahpara Salim, Mubasher Bukhari, and other journalists were resource persons on the occasion while faculty members and students attended the workshop. 

Shahpara Salim, Mubasher Bukhari suggested the students think about the values that lead to peace and tolerance in society. Speakers discussed how culture could help promote peace and harmony in the country. They said hatred could be eliminated by promoting culture. They presented examples from the lifestyle of Lahorites in 1960s. They said Lahore had produced famous singers and musicians in the sub-continent and had been the center of literary giants. However, they said that violence against women and children has shaken our society due to various issues. They said that extremist attitudes needed to be addressed for the welfare of Pakistan. They said media should have played a positive role to discourage attitudes of anarchy and intolerance.

Many concepts including acceptance to all forms of diversity, equity, freedom of thought and speech, and positivity were discussed with the students. After that the students had been involved in a discussion on peace and harmony; what paradigms of thought & action relate to extremist behaviors and how can these be avoided through knowledge gained from educational institutions. Furthermore, the speakers discussed the root cause of extremist behaviors, i.e. lack of quality communication of individuals with their family members, peers, and teachers/supervisors in social and educational settings. The speakers advised the students to start conversations at university to tolerate the others’ viewpoints to promote harmony. The session brought to light, the awareness and significance of peace and tolerance at the individual as well as institutional levels to bring a positive change in the society.

Khawar Naeem Hashmi a senior journalist delivered a lecture on Peace and Harmony. He discussed how culture could help us to promote peace and harmony in the country. The world has been created for human beings.
He said hatred could be eliminated by promoting culture. He presented examples from the living style of the people of Lahore in the 1960s when Lahore was the hub of many cultures. According to him, Lahore produced famous singers and musicians in the sub-continent. Lahore has been the center of literary giants, said he while talking to the students of PU.


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