Imran Khan visits Peshawar Corps to discuss Afghanistan situation


Prime Minister Imran Khan and General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff (COAS), visited Peshawar Corps Headquarters. Governor and Chief Minister KP accompanied PM upon his arrival, PM laid a floral wreath at the Martyrs’ Monument.

Afghanistan War

He was briefed about the prevalent security situation, ongoing stabilization operations, fencing along Pak-Afghan Border, and socio-economic development projects undertaken in Newly Merged Districts (NMDs). PM was also apprised of various contingencies planned to tackle the evolving security situation along Pak-Afghan International Border.

Imran Khan in Afghanistan

PM expressed his satisfaction with the efficacy of Pakistan’s comprehensive Border Management Regime and the pragmatic measures being taken to ensure effective border control and Internal Security. PM lauded security forces for providing enabling environment for the completion of socio-economic development projects in the Newly Merged Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which are vital for enduring stability and sustainable progress in the area. PM also appreciated formation for its dedicated assistance to civil administration during COVID, Locust, anti-polio campaigns, and tree plantation drive.

Imran Khan on Afghanistan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said Afghans need to take charge of their destiny. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper he said, “Eventually Afghan women, the Afghan people, will assert their rights. They are strong people”. “But if you push the Taliban from the outside, knowing their mindset, they will just put up defences. They just hate outside interference,” 

Mr Khan commented on Salman Rushdie attack on the India-born author, saying: “I think it is terrible, sad.” “Rushdie understood, because he came from a Muslim family. He knows the love, respect, reverence of a prophet that lives in our hearts. He knew that. So the anger I understood, but you can’t justify what happened,” the PTI chairman gave his two cents on the attack that had sent Mr Rushdie to a ventilator.


During the interview, Imran Khan also spoke about the situation in Afghanistan and enforced disappearances in Pakistan.

“They [security forces] were responsible for picking up people, but according to them they were involved in this insurgency, which was going on in Balochistan and the tribal area bordering Afghanistan. So they would blame that, with some justification, because you could not convict terrorists in the courts because you wouldn’t get witnesses,” Mr Khan said in a comment on missing persons.

“In my time, we never tried to oppress the media. The only problem was that sometimes the … security agencies three or four times we found out that picked someone up and immediately when we found out we would immediately have them released,” he told The Guardian.


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