PA passes privileges amendment bill again despite Governor’s objections


LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly unanimously passed the Provincial Assembly (Privileges) (Amendment) Bill 2021 despite the objections raised by Governor Chaudhary Sarwar.

PML-Q lawmaker Sajid Ahmed introduced the bill in the House that was passed unanimously with the support of treasury and opposition legislators.

Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervez Elahi said the bill was no longer required to be signed by the Governor, and the purpose of the bill was to ensure the safety of the members.

“The House has passed a legislation which would be remembered in history, and now the government has to improve its governance,” Ch Pervez Elahi said.

He also criticized the government for not improving its governance. The meeting of the Punjab Assembly started with a delay of two hours and 15 minutes under the chairmanship of Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi on August 3 (Tuesday).  

Addressing the House, PPP parliamentary leader Hassan Murtaza said that politicians pass legislation for the bureaucracy of their choice from the parliament but bureaucrats in return take revenge from the politicians.” The country cannot be on the path of progress until the recognition of civil supremacy and the parliament,” the PPP leader said.

PMLN leader Samiullah said that the incidents of sending back the bill from the Governor were very rare in history.

The Punjab Assembly also passed the Qarshi University Amendment Bill 2021 by a majority vote. However, Law Minister Raja Basharat and Provincial Minister Raja Yasir Humayun objected to the bill, saying that a copy of the bill was not provided to anyone in the House. On which the Speaker said that the government’s objections on the bill were removed in the committee.

Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi adjourned the proceedings till Friday (9 am).

Asim Shahzad is a Lahore based journalist.

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