PM Imran Khan disappoints at Sindh govt’s lockdown decision


Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticised the limited lockdown to control coronavirus imposed by the Sindh government against the federal government’s wishes, explaining that doing so would break the back of the common man.

He expressed his views on the issue while conversing with the people of Pakistan in a live question-and-answer session via telephone.

The premier began the session by thanking the people of Pakistan for cooperating with the government over the first three waves of the Covid-19 pandemic and urged them to again adhere to the SOPs to curb the spread of the ongoing fourth wave.

The premier was answering questions from the public on the telephone and social media under the session “Apka Wazir-e-Azam aapke saath”.

“We don’t want a lockdown again because we know it puts the livelihood of the poor segments at risk and weakens the economy. The Sindh government wanted to impose a complete lockdown which is fine because when movement stops the number of cases goes down,” Imran Khan said.


He said the Sindh government lockdown was the right decision but it would also impact the labourers and daily wagers and urged the provincial government not to impose complete lockdown before finding the solutions or answers to how they would be helping the poor.

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