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Mullah Omar’s refusal to hand over OBL led to 9/11 events: Saudi intelligence chief


Shahid Naeem. Correspondent

RIYADH: The former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, confirmed that Afghanistan’s refusal to hand ove Osama bin Laden OBL to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia despite OBL’s ‘hostile’ actions against the klingdom, acutally led to the events of September 11.

He explained that in an interview on the “Al-Mawqif” program on Saudi TV.

Al-Faisal said Kingdom tried to extradite Osama bin Laden (OBL) after he was carrying out hostile acts against the Kingdom from inside Afghanistan, but Mullah Omar did not accept that, and the result was that the events of September 11, followed by the US invasion of Afghanistan.


He added that Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked King Abdullah to mediate the dispute between his government and the Taliban and that a Taliban delegation came to the Kingdom at that time, and was told that the Kingdom would not expect any role in Afghanistan as long as the Taliban had ties to al-Qaeda. 

Unfortunately, the Taliban delegation did not accept to sever the movement’s relationship with Al-Qaeda.

Al-Faisal pointed out that the countries surrounding Afghanistan all seek to have an interest in what will result in the situation after the American withdrawal from it. “Afghan people have different ethnicities which have also impact on complicating the situation,, and hindering a quick conclusion,” he added.

He expressed his hope that the story did not end in Afghanistan with the American withdrawal, and that in order to find out who will rule and control Afghanistan in its entirety, we must be careful to know exactly who it will be, indicating that he will issue his book “The Afghanistan File” soon, to address what happened with the Kingdom and Afghanistan after Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.


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