Jawed Sheikh shoutout for SwiftLinx TV and Film Academy by Urooj Samdani


Internationally acclaimed Pakistani actor, director and producer Jawed Sheikh gave a shoutout for the newly launched SwiftLinx TV and Film Academy by broadcast media professional and versatile personality Urooj Samdani.

Jawed Sheikh said, “I am recording this special message for Urooj Samdani. I have known him for quite a long time, and he has been doing a great job as a teacher, producer, and director. Now he is opening his SwiftLinx TV and Film Academy. I congratulate him from the depth of my heart and pray for his success.”

The SwiftLinx TV and Film Academy has been launched by media professional Urooj Samdani. Realizing the vacuum in Pakistan, Mr Urooj Samdani encouraged by friends and family and taking inspiration from international film directors has now designed a TV and Film Academy that is affordable, but more importantly, was founded on the principle of learning by doing.

Mr.Urooj Samdani team has designed a truly unique curriculum blending a mixture of traditional film school instruction with a new approach so students could gain extensive on-set experience.

Swiftlinx Tv And Film Academy
Director And Producer Urooj Samdani

Urooj Samdani talking exclusively with Tribune Wired said that launching a film academy was the need of the hour as many youngsters interested in this field do not have the means or the time to do a four-year bachelor’s degree.


“Practical hands-on training is a must in the electronic media field, and this is what we offer with complete equipment and facilities at SwiftLinx TV and Film Academy.”

Syed Urooj Zafar Samdani previously served as Head of Department (HoD) Theatre, Film and TV, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and an active visiting faculty (Film and TV dept) at Superior University, Punjab University, University of Central Punjab (UCP), University of Management and Technology (UMT), University of Lahore (UOL).

He is a former director programs Waqt News, former producer at GEO News and ARY Digital, former bureau chief Business Plus, Lahore and former senior producer Express News and Aaj News.


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