Punjab University smells rat in liquor bottles controversy


Punjab University spokesman said that conspiracy was hatched to defame Punjab University through transportation of liquor bottles at PU’s entry gate, which were held at the gate due to strict security SoPs.

In a press statement, the varsity spokesperson said that recently PU international ranking improved that was also acknowledged at the international level. However, some ‘elements’ could not digest it and had made another attempt to defame the university through such cheap tactics.

In support of his stance, the spokesman said that whenever PU improved ranking in the past three years, the incidents of clashes surprisingly happened during the same days just to tarnish the achievements of the university whenever the ranking institutions issued rankings.

The spokesman said, “These baseless propaganda regarding usage of prohibited material in university was being fanned instead of appreciating the staff which took action and remained vigilant as per SoPs of their duty.”

He questioned how a person could deliver liquor in such an ‘open style’ on a motorcycle bearing the 20 liquor bottles in a common shopping bag and even think to cross such a tight security arrangement.

PU spokesperson said that the way the incident has happened revealed that the planners of the conspiracy wanted that the bottles to be checked and held at the university and thus the university could be defamed.

The spokesman said that some elements were trying to damage the peaceful atmosphere of the PU but the administration always took action against such elements as per law.

The spokesman said that the university administration would not allow any such effort to succeed which was aimed at defaming the university.


On June 20 afternoon, at least 20 bottles of liquor were seized at the entrance of the University of Punjab. An unidentified man tried to enter the university claiming he wanted to deliver a parcel. Upon checking, the administration found alcohol bottles inside it.

We suspect the bottles were ordered by the head of the students union of the university, a spokesperson said. The delivery man has been taken into custody. “We have submitted an application for FIR at the area’s police station,” the varsity’s representative said, adding that the culprits will be suspended and punished under the law.

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