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8 killed, 27 wounded after Houthis launch missile, drone strikes on Marib


Eight people were killed and 27 wounded after ballistic missiles and explosive-rigged drones launched by Iran-backed Houthis struck several locations across Marib, officials told Arab News.

Thunderous explosions rocked the city in central Yemen late on Thursday.

Abdul Aziz Al-Shadadi, director of Marib’s office of the Ministry of Health, said that ambulances were still treating people in the targeted areas. 

“Explosions occurred at different residential areas in Marib,” Al-Shadadi said. 


Residents said that they heard large explosions caused by the missiles and the Yemeni army’s air defense targeting drones. 

The Yemeni army said in a statement that the Houthis targeted Marib with two ballistic missiles and two explosive drones.

The latest Houthi attack on the city comes shortly after hundreds of people attended the funeral procession for Lian, a five-year-old girl, and her father, who were among 21 civilians killed in a Houthi missile strike on Saturday.

The Houthi–Saudi Arabian conflict is an ongoing armed conflict between the Royal Saudi Armed Forces and Yemeni Houthi forces that has been taking place in the Arabian Peninsula, including the southern Saudi regions of Asir, Jizan, and Najran, and northern Yemeni governorates of Saada, Al Jawf, and Hajjah, since the onset of the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen in 2015.


Over the course of the conflict the Houthis have carried out attacks on military bases and outposts in Saudi Arabia

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