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Hamid Mir 20 fake FB pages exposed, vloggers propaganda intensified against Asma Shirazi

Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights, The coalition for women in journalists, Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association condemns sedition cases against Hamid Mir


Hamid Mir also said that according to the decision of the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists, “If there is any objection to the writing or speech of any representative of the union or the press club, including me, a three-member committee will respond. None of us will respond individually. If anyone wants to get an answer, get an answer from the committee.”

Moreover, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan has strongly condemned the application filed by Manzoor Qadir Bhindar before learned Addl. Session Judge/Ex-Officio Justice of Peace, Gujranwala against renowned anchor persons and journalists Hamid Mir and Asma Sherazi upon alleged charges of sedition. treason and insurrection and termed the same as an attempt to limit the freedom of press &expression.


Hamid Mir and Asma Sherazi, who are the known media anchors / journalists, not only in Pakistan but across the globe, have always contributed in the field professional journalism to the hilt and have never overlooked the ethical, moral as well as professional norms and values of journalism, they opined.

He further stated that Hamid Mir and Asma Shirazi have never indulged into any activity which undermined the reverence of their motherland. However, they have every right to express their opinions independently, the right guaranteed to them and to every other citizen by Article 19 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

He said that imposition of alleged treason and subversion charges has somehow become the practice to silence those who often practice differences of opinion, may it be the political opponents, journalists or otherwise, which is a disastrous path for our Country. He stated that no one resent a right to depict everyone or anyone in the country as a “traitor”.


The President stressed that such unethical applications should not be given any consideration rather strict punitive action should be taken against those who filed such oblivious applications. He also reiterated his firm belief that this Association will always support the freedom of expression and freedom of opinion and shall always discourage those who undermine the rights guaranteed by the “Constitution’ no matter what cost it takes”.

The Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights (NWJDR) strongly condemned the petition registered in Gujranwala for treason cases against notable Pakistani journalists, Asma Sherazi and Hamid Mir.

Asma had addressed a rally of the media fraternity protesting a recent attack on journalist Asad Ali Toor and the suspension of Hamid Mir from GEO News’s Capital Talk. In her tweet, Shiraz’ said truth had a price. -Faced all kinds of threats and pressures numerous tunes.

“Musharraf (former military dictator) banned us in 2007 dealt with treason threats and all kinds of pressure tactics”. NWJDR finds it extremely disturbing to see the space for dissent and providing reliable information to the public rapidly shrink in Pakistan, as journalists as well as human rights defenders are particularly at risk of censorship, intimidation, physical violence, threats, and arbitrary detention. If the authorities are committed to uphold their human rights obligations, NWJDR urges the government to take immediate and decisive steps to investigate the recent spate of attacks on journalists. It also calls upon the government to reject the petition on charges of treason against notable journalists Asma Sherazi and Hamid Mir,” the statement reads.

The Human Rights Ministry has recently introduced the Journalist and Media Professionals Protection Bill in the National Assembly which can go a long way to protect the rights of journalists and the NWJDR urges the Ministry to take steps to immediately investigate matter and dismantle the impunity for comes against journalists.

A Youtuber Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din and anchor person Imran Riaz Khan claimed Hamid Mir had links with foreign elements. Hamid Mir supporters questioned the authenticity of the evidence they presented in their Vlogs and alleged both made videos only to get some clicks on their YouTube channel.

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