Shocking VIDEO: Hungry people run on Delhi roads for meals

Principal Correspondent of NewsX Rahul Gautam shared a disturbing footage from New Delhi, capital of the world’s largest democracy, India in which it can bee seen that people are running behind a food van as if there is marathon going on Delhi roads.

Rahul Gautam tweeted, “Kings are sitting in their palaces while desperate and hungry people running behind food van in the national capital. Is this not anarchy.”

Outside an upscale Indian hospital last week, Baljeet Asthana put her phone on selfie mode, propped her eyeglasses on her head so she could stare directly into the camera, and hit record.

Through a white polka-dot mask, she described her family’s ordeal: Her 82-year-old mother was inside the hospital “struggling for her life,” Asthana said. Her mother desperately needed an intensive care unit bed, but the hospital — Fortis Hospital, one of the best-equipped private facilities in the capital, New Delhi — was full. Officials told the family to look for an ICU bed elsewhere.

“My mother is slowly dying,” reads her tweet accompanying her video.


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