Being a Sky-gazer on Supermoon night: Binoculars provides lifetime experience

BY Anoosha Ghazi

Readers, I had a wonderful experience tonight. Guess what? I watched the most spectacular Supermoon of 2021 with the help of binoculars. I went to my house roof where I saw the Supermoon clearly with binoculars. It was a fascinating time to watch the moon.

For the first time, I saw the inner structures of the moon and it was like someone did a pencil-sketching 3D drawing of the moon. Another aspect which puzzled me that where the moon light came and shined the space ambiance.

I saw in the news that tonight is the first lunar eclipse of 2021 occurring during the early hours of Wednesday. Also called ‘Blood Moon’ as the moon appears slightly reddish-orange and tonight’s moon is very close to the Earth.

It appears in the news that tonight a lunar eclipse, and a blood moon and supermoon all occur at the same time.

Sky-gazers enjoy moon-watching because I enjoyed it a lot and am stunned by the beauty and wonders of space.

Anoosha Ghazi is a student of grade-IV at House of Junior School in Lahore, Pakistan. She writes on science, social studies and Islamiat.

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