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Israel-Gaza: How much money does Israel get from the US?

President Joe Biden is facing questions from some in his Democratic party about the amount of aid the US sends to Israel.

Senator Bernie Sanders has said the US must take a “hard look” at how the money is spent.

So what does Israel get and what is it used for?

How much aid does the US give?

In 2020, the US gave $3.8bn (£2.7bn) in aid to Israel – part of a long-term, yearly commitment made under the Obama administration. Almost all of this aid was for military assistance.

This support came as part of an agreement signed by former president Barack Obama in 2016 for an overall package of $38bn (26.8bn) in military aid over the decade 2017-2028.

This represents an increase of about 6% (adjusted for inflation) over the spending commitment for the previous decade.

On top of this, last year the US gave $5m (£3.5m) toward resettling migrants in Israel. The country has a long-standing policy of accepting Jews from other parts of the world as citizens.

How has Israel used US money?

Over the years, US aid has helped Israel develop one of the most advanced militaries in the world, with the funds allowing them to purchase sophisticated military equipment from the US.

For example, Israel has purchased 50 F-35 combat aircraft, which can be used for missile attacks – 27 of the aircraft have so far been delivered, costing around $100m (£70.4m) each.

Last year Israel also bought eight KC-46A Boeing ‘Pegasus’ aircrafts for an estimated $2.4bn (£1.7bn). These are capable of refuelling planes such as the F-35 in mid-air.

Source: BBC

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