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Say no to war!

Innocent Palestinian school going children were bombarded by Israel Army. It is a high time to end the war permanently. UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, delivered medical aid in the Gaza and we all should also provide medical aid to the children and their families in Palestine.

Students in Gaza have experienced war since long and now they must return to normal environment where they could study. Some 62 children were killed in latest war and I pray for the departed souls.

I appeal world leaders to provide story books, food and gadgets for Palestinian children. I am happy that war is finished, and I pray there will be no more war.

The Gazan children save their pet fish from the rubble of their home and they went back to save their pet birds. See the beautiful video:

As a Pakistani, I support children of Gaza for their right to seek education in a peaceful environment.

Anoosha Ghazi is a student of grade-IV at House of Junior School in Lahore, Pakistan. Anoosha is a child activist. She writes on science, social studies and Islamiat.

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