Civil society activists’ demo for free Palestine, say peace is the ultimate path

Many civil society representatives, pro-democracy and peace-loving citizens and people from all walks of life staged the protest at Liberty Chowk to show solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and demand an end to Israel apartheid measures against the people of Gaza and West Bank.

The protesters include leading members of Lahore’s civil society groups, representatives from political parties, former local government elected representatives, Working Women Alliance, and SDF.

They chanted slogans against Israel recent 11-day bloody onslaught on innocent people of Gaza and expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people with holding placards inscribed with slogans ‘‘Free Palestine’’.

‘‘This is not just a Palestinian issue. It is a human rights issue. It is about the human rights,” said the Executive Director of Sangat Development Foundation, Zahid Islam when expressing the solidarity with Palestine during demonstration.

“Wars and conflicts are resolved through negotiations, so all parties to this war need to abandon the path of violence and resolve issues through dialogue, in which the international community, including the United Nations, needs to play an effective role,” commented Sajid Ali from Working Women Alliance.

“Thousand lives of Palestinians are killed. Innocent Palestinian children are traumatized and unconscious after these bombing attacks. Their houses are destroyed and added,” says Col Tahir Kardar, former local government elected representative.

Abida Chaudhry from Awami Workers Party (AWP) said that Palestinians are not in a conflict; their struggle for liberation is a long journey. We stand for Palestine and we shall gather again and again for the sake of humanity until Palestine freedom.

Sangat Development Foundation Asma said, “I condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attacks on ethnic, religious and political grounds, killings and atrocities and demands that the issues be resolved through political dialogue. Oppression only brings destruction, not peace. There is no profession greater than humanity and nothing more precious than human life. Peace is the ultimate path.”

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