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Iranian envoy to Pakistan calls for Muslim Ummah solidarity to support Palestine

BY Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Iran’s Ambassador to Pakistan

The massacre of the people of Gaza and the new crimes of the apartheid and aggressor regime of Israel clearly showed that by friendship and softness and making agreements and normalising relations with this brutal and child-killing regime, the Palestinian cause and peace and stability in the region cannot be promoted. 

Any flexibility and compromise against this terrorist regime will strengthen its evil and bloodthirsty spirit and intensify its brutal actions against the oppressed nation of Palestine. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always reiterated its clear and unequivocal position, calling the Israeli regime a fake and occupying regime and never recognize it.  Iran believes that holding a national referendum in Palestine is the only solution to the Palestinian issue. 

The referendum in which the Palestinian people, from the displaced and those forced to migrate and residents of this holy land, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, will participate and choose a new political system. 

This solution is in full compliance with the UN Charter and the rules of international law and upholds the fundamental principle of the right to self-determination for the Palestinian people. 

Finally, as a member of the Islamic Ummah, I consider it necessary to thank the efforts of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in supporting the Palestinian cause, and I emphasize that solidarity and unity between the Islamic Ummah and the Islamic countries is the most important factor and support for the people of Gaza. 

It will also be the most effective factor in the retreating of Zionist regime from its oppressive position and stopping its countless crimes.

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