President Alvi appreciates NCA for promoting arts, culture

Principal National College of Arts, Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri had a meeting with President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi at Aiwan-e-Sadr in Islamabad.

The meeting emphasized the role of art and culture in shaping Pakistan’s softer image globally.

President referred to the need for promoting educational awareness, while taking steps for the socio-economic progress of the country by focusing on human resource development.The Principal NCA, Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri also briefed the President regarding the efforts of National College of Arts in disseminating art and design education throughout the country.

He mentioned the collaborative ventures that the college has enabled with reputable foreign institutions. Honourable Mr. President on the other hand encouraged the outreach of the institution while highlighting the importance of using new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution enabling Pakistan to join the ranks of technologically-advanced countries.

He also stressed the need for better facilitation of persons with disability by providing them easy access to college’s premises. The President appreciated the role of NCA in providing arts education and assured the Principal of every possible support for the success of the College.

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