Palestinian doctor explains why Israel flattens skyscrapers in Gaza

Belal AldabbourIf, who introduces himself as a Palestinian doctor with a mediocre writing career and do news commentary on Palestine, explained in a Twitter thread why Israel is destroying highrises in Gaza.

As the war escalated between Israel and Hamas civilian causalities have surged nearly 200 in Palestine.  

Belal AldabbourIf in a latest Twitter thread said, “You heard about Israel bombing the building witg AP and Al Jazeera offices, you would be interested to know that Israel systematically flattens houses and highrise buildings in #Gaza in an extreme form of #CollectivePunishment.”

Examples: Al Shorouk was 14 storeys high and housed several media outlets, demolished 12 May. Hanadi building was 13 storeys high, with residential apartments as well as offices. Israeli aircrafts flattened it 11 May. Al Jalaa housed Al Jazeera, AP, other media outlets, law firms, and internet servers. The ultimate civilian target. It was bombed on 15 May. Al Jawahara, just opposite of Al Jalaa and on the street leading to #Shifa Hospital, housed clinics, engineering and media offices. Was bombed May 11, although the strike was imperfect and the building is still DANGEROUSLY standing. May 14. This was the main office building for the Production Bank. The Abu Ajeeneh family house, Beit Lahya. Demolished May 17. Mashareq Building also housed different businesses as well as residential apartments. Bombed today May 17. Kawari’ family house, Kahnyounis. Bombed May 17. This nice house by the beach was owned by a local benevolent businessman from Al Khaldi family. It was bombed today too, May 17. The Abu Shamaleh family house, Rafah. Bombed May 16. Those were examples from the last few days only. Hundreds of buildings were similarly destroyed in the 2014 onslaught.

He said,: “Israel provided zero evidence backing its claims about any of the building hosting military targets. On the other hand, hundreds of other houses were flattened with residents inside, obliterating whole families. See this thread from the May 16 Al Wehda Street massacre.”

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