Pakistani politician terms Israel PM Netanyahu as modern day Hitler


Pakistan Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif in a highly charged speech in the Pakistan parliament on Monday termed the Israel Prime Minister as Adolf Hitler.

Former Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif said, “Today Israeli Prime Minister stands at the point where fascist Hitler stood in the past.”

He compared the atrocities being committed by the Israel Army aka Israel Defense Force (IDF) said, “Today (in the ongoing air strikes on Gaza) Palestinian mothers, sisters, youth, and children are standing at the same point Jewish children, women and the elderly stood in the past.


Who was Adolf Hitler?


Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany’s Nazi Party, was one of the most powerful and notorious dictators of the 20th century. Hitler capitalized on economic woes, popular discontent and political infighting to take absolute power in Germany beginning in 1933.

Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939 led to the outbreak of World War II, and by 1941 Nazi forces had occupied much of Europe. Hitler’s virulent anti-Semitism and obsessive pursuit of Aryan supremacy fueled the murder of alleged some 6 million Jews, along with other victims of the Holocaust. After the tide of war turned against him, Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker in April 1945.

Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli politician serving as the prime minister of Israel since 2009, having previously served in that role from 1996 to 1999. Netanyahu is also the chairman of the Likud – National Liberal Movement. He is the longest-serving Israeli prime minister in history of Israel.

Netanyahu made his closeness to Donald Trump central to his political appeal in Israel from 2016.

Since December 2016, Netanyahu has been under investigation for corruption by Israeli police and prosecutors.

On 21 November 2019, he was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery and fraud.[20] Due to the indictment, Netanyahu is legally required to relinquish all of his ministry posts other than the prime minister position.

What is Holocaust?

The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was the ‘genocide’ of European Jews during World War II. Between 1941 and 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered allegedly some six million Jews across German-occupied Europe, around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population.

The executions were carried out in pogroms and mass shootings; by a policy of extermination through labor in concentration camps; and in gas chambers and gas vans in German extermination camps, chiefly Auschwitz, Bełżec, Chełmno, Majdanek, Sobibór, and Treblinka in occupied Poland.

Who are Holocaust deniers?

Holocaust deniers refutes claimed Nazi genocide of Jews, which is referred to as “The Holocaust”. Holocaust deniers claimed: “Nazi Germany’s Final Solution was aimed only at deporting Jews and did not include their extermination. Nazi authorities did not use extermination camps and gas chambers for the genocidal mass murder of Jews. The actual number of Jews murdered is significantly lower than the accepted figure of 5 to 6 million, typically around a tenth of that figure.”

How many children killed in Gaza latest conflict?

The death toll in Gaza reached 212 on Monday, including at least 61 children and 36 women, said local health ministry officials while around 10 Israeli citizens also killed as per media reports.

Hamas point of view

Despite its all-out military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, Israel will finally have to submit to the conditions set by the Palestinian resistance groups for a ceasefire, says a spokesman for resistance movement Hamas while Israel PM announced to continue airstrike on Gaza.

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