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Hamas targets Israel with 3100 rockets in six days, says The Independent Middle East correspondent

Middle East correspondent for The Independent Bel Trew quoting Israeli army said that 3100 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel in 6six days- that’s just 750 short of the total number of rockets fired at Israel during the entire seven week war in 2014

Israeli army told Bel Trew during 2014 war some 3,852 rockets were fired.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an address to the nation claimed, “Our campaign against the terrorist organizations is continuing with full force. We are exacting very heavy prices from Hamas for its intolerable aggression.”

Bibi said, “This evening we will celebrate Shavuot, the festival of the giving of the Torah. When the Torah was given, when we received the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel stood together, as Rashi writes, ‘As one person, with one heart.”

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