Wall Street Journal’s Israel correspondent Felicia Schwartz says threat to Bibi is ‘collapsing’

In a latest article by The Wall Street Journal’s Israel/Palestinian Territories correspondent Felicia Schwartz said that fighting between Israel and Hamas and the spreading communal Arab-Jewish violence within Israel comes at a politically opportune moment for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the threat to unseat Israel’s longest-serving leader appears to be collapsing.

Felicia Schwartz is The Wall Street Journal’s Israel and Palestinian Territories correspondent, based in Tel Aviv.

She previously covered foreign affairs and the U.S. State Department out of the Journal’s bureau in Washington, D.C. She has also worked at CNN in New York and is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pressing an aggressive campaign against Hamas, targeting its leaders, strategic infrastructure and military sites to deter the militant group from continuing its attacks on Israel. The operation could aid Mr. Netanyahu’s other vital goal of staying in power.

One week earlier, Mr. Netanyahu’s opponents were poised to unseat him and form a new government, potentially ending the rule of the country’s longest-serving leader as he faces corruption charges. He denies wrongdoing.

But the past six days of national turmoil have offered the Israeli prime minister a political lifeline. When Arab parties and a right-wing politician pulled out of talks this week to join or back a rival coalition, the threat to unseat Mr. Netanyahu appeared to collapse, she wrote in an article in The Wall Street Journel.

“Netanyahu has always thrived in environments of uncertainty, of chaos and crisis,” said Mitchell Barak, an Israeli pollster and director of Keevoon Global Research, who worked as an aide to Mr. Netanyahu in the 1990s. “He basically goes from crisis to crisis.”

Separately, a right-wing violence challenged by the Israeli citizens also attacking the Palestine territories amid the riots broke after the IDF launched offensive against the Hamas resistance in Gaza.

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