Foreign diplomats join clean Margalla Hills campaign


Canada’s High Commissioner to Pakistan Wendy Gilmour has joined and volunteered herself along with other diplomats for the clean Margalla Hills campaign.

Wendy Gilmour tweeted, “Happy to volunteer in the Margalla Hills with diplomatic colleagues for the Islamabad Wildlife Board #MyWasteMyResponsibility.  These hills are a precious resource for Islamabad: happy to do our part to help.”

Earlier, British Higher Commissioner in Pakistan Christian Turner collected two bags of litter from Margalla Hills during his Friday morning walk.

He also quoted Last Prophet Hazrat Muhamad (PHUH) hadith (quote): Safaai nisf imaan hai (cleanliness is half of the faith).

The British envoy’s tweet prompted the Islamabad admin to ban litter throwing on the beautiful Margalla Hills.

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