Fahad Sheikh ‘Azmaish’ about to start!


ARY Digital released the teasers of Drama Serial Azmaish that stars Fahad Sheikh, Kinza Hashmi and Yashma Gill in the lead roles. The drama serial features a story of middle aged women who goes through second marriage complications and the way it affects the children, on the other hand is a love triangle between Basit (Fahad Sheikh), Nimra (Kinza Hashmi) and Shiza (Yashma Gill).

For the first time, Fahad Sheikh is playing a character that’s neither rich nor has an ideal living. We’ve seen his dapper and classy looks in the prior dramas but this time Jalan’s rich Ahmer will be playing Azmiash’s poor Basit. However the actor mentioned in an interview that Basit has a lot of surprises for you guys as his character unfolds with time.

The teaser shows Basit (Fahad Sheikh) and Nimra (Kinza Hashmi) are in deep love and they both are seen facing the ill treatment of the rich Shiza (Yashma Gill who happens to be the rich spoiled step sister of Nimra. She is seen raging at her step sister Nimra (Kinza Hashmi) in the teasers. Both actresses have shown marvelous acting skills in the previous drama serials and we are having high hopes from this one as well.

Basit and Nimra are in love but the teasers depict that their love story is a bit complicated, the drama is surely going to have thrilling twists and surprises. Let’s see if these two love birds can make it to the end or something else awaits them.

The drama also has some senior cast members such as Shahood Alvi, Gul e Rana and Laila Wasti. Not many drama serials have highlighted this harsh reality, the complications of second marriages and the damage it does to the children. Nimra is seen being insulted and victimized by her rich step sister Shiza in the teasers of Drama Serial Azmaish.

We are so intrigued by the teasers and can’t wait to see Fahad Sheikh, Kinza Hashmi and Yashma Gill on screen together, hoping to see some quality entertainment. The drama is expected to come out after Eid. Let’s sit tight and wait.


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