Israeli diplomat red-faced on Mehdi Hasan questions on Gaza air strikes


British-American political journalist, broadcaster and author Mehdi Hasan in his latest interview challenge the Spokesperson of the Israel Embassy in the United States Elad Strohmayor and put him in an awkward position where the Israeli Embassy Spokesperson could not answer the questions raised by the journalist.

MSNBC Mehdi Hasan Show asked: “You leveled a [Gaza] apartment building… you think that’s in line with humanitarian law?”

Israeli spokesperson: “Hamas is using the Palestinians as human shields…”

International commentator Mehdi Hassan asked: “Is your position that apartment buildings are fair game?”

Mehdi presses Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Elad Strohmayer to explain the justice of the IDF flattening an apartment building in Gaza.


How did it go? Watch for yourself.

Some 374 people were arrested throughout Israel following intense Jewish-Arab violence and riots that erupted across the country on Wednesday, amid the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In a latest development, Hamas vowed revenge after Israel kills top commander in Gaza airstrike as IDF says it killed top Hamas commanders in joint operation with the Shin Bet, including close operatives to Mohammed Deif.


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