Attack on Al-Aqsa is assault on humanity, says INSPAD President Dr Tahir


Institute for Peace and Development (INSPAD), an international organization working for peace, human rights, dialogue & religious harmony, said that all avenues of peace, security and justice pass through Kashmir, Palestine, Syria and Afghanistan.

In a statement issued on Monday, the body said that world powers should play their vital role for their solution urgently.

In letters to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the OIC and the President of the European Union, Dr. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, President of INSPAD, said that the incident of insulting and injuring 205 Palestinians during worship at Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem is a big assault on humanity.

He demanded world bodies for immediate international Commission of Inquiry on the matter and Israel should be refrained from such vicious attempts at religious places that hurt the feelings of Muslims. 

INSPAD President has also expressed deep sorrow over the tragic tragedy in which 55 people were killed in a school shooting in Afghanistan, including number of women and children.


He said that United States and all other countries must act in such a way that peace prevails after the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.

Dr Sardar said that international organizations should not adopt double standards for peace and social development in South Asia and the Middle East.

“Indian government is responsible for the death of senior Kashmiri leader Mohammad Ashraf Sahrai and expressed their concerns that lives of other important Kashmiri leaders are also in danger,” he further added.


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