UMT School of Law and Policy shines varsity name at international moot


LAHORE: The University of Management and Technology (UMT) School of Law and Policy attained first position on a National level in the Jessup Global Rounds Memorial Rankings 2021 and 69th position on an International level in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2021.

This accomplishment is attributed to the dynamic leadership of UMT President Ibrahim Hassan Murad, Rector UMT Dr Muhammad Aslam, DG UMT Abid H K Shirwani, and the faculty of the School of Law and Policy.

Jessup Moot is the largest and most prestigious moot in the world. Five participants of UMT’s SLP participated in the Moot.

UMT School of Law and Policy

The team comprised Shafia Imran, Fazeel Ahmed, Aqsa Javed, Hibah Hussain, and Jahanzaib Ahmad.

SLP has had the honour of achieving the best memorial award of the Jessup International Moot twice in a row.


President UMT Ibrahim Hassan Murad expressed his pleasure and congratulated Director SLP Dr Usman Hameed and his dedicated team.

Mr. Murad also shared that UMT aims to change the Educational Scenario in Pakistan which is why UMT is producing not only best business leaders but also the best legal experts to form the best legislation for the people of Pakistan.

Director General UMT Abid HK Shirwani also expressed that SLP has proven to be a leading law school that inculcates core values of discipline, punctuality, and ethics in its learners, which are quintessential to progress and has succeeded in making a mark in the legal world.


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