Imran Khan grills Pakistan ambassadors for colonial mindset


Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted and clarified indecent attitude of officers and staff at Pakistan missions abroad in solving the issues of Diaspora urged them to adopt the passion of serving Overseas Pakistanis, whose remittances were contributing a lot in running the country.

Imran Khan said while addressing Pakistan Ambassadors and High Commissioners via video-link.

Prime Minister termed Overseas Pakistanis as major strength as country is running on their remittances. If they would not have been remitting, the country would have gone towards bankruptcy, he added.


The Prime Minister said he himself witnessed the indifferent attitude of officers and staff at Pakistan High Commission in London towards the labour class diaspora.

Pakistan Ambassadors during the decades of 1970s, 80s and 90 used to behave like masters of the colonial days, he remarked.

The Prime Minister listed the 17 services, which the Embassies were duty-bound to render for the facilitation of Overseas Pakistanis, including the attestation of education documents, marriage papers, driving license, experience certificate, power of attorney, affidavit etc.

Imran Khan said an inquiry is underway about the alleged mistreatment by Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arab and also referred to complaints from Kuwait where an official at Pakistan Embassy was taking 250 to 300 Dirham from the Overseas Pakistanis on the pretext of their legal documentation from National Database and Regulatory Authority (NADRA).


He said that Pakistan Embassies abroad should also focus in attracting maximum foreign investment.

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