President Arif Alvi, President UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad discuss artificial intelligence, pro-youth initiatives


ISLAMABAD: President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, graciously hosted University of Management and Technology (UMT) President Ibrahim Hasan Murad and discussed on various points of mutual interest mainly surrounding higher-education and artificial intelligence (AI).

Both also discussed strategies and best practices regarding inclusive education.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad

Efforts to drive youth and national character building campaigns were also highlighted.

President Arif Alvi shared the model and culture of values and discipline in Japan, where even after a nuclear attack, people got into a line to receive help and aid.

“In the end, President Alvi pleasantly disclosed that he was a friend of my late grandfather, Khurram Murad sb, and he used to enjoy reading his books,” President UMT Ibrahim Hasan Murad said.


Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that Pakistan is lucky to have a President that is intellectual and values-oriented.

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